This IP Address may not be unique these days because whenever this IP Address is seen then router comes in people’s mind. So we can imagine how popular is IP Address which is used in routers. But there are also many IP Address like For instance,, etc.

What is the use of IP Address

The use of IP Address is on the while getting into web-interface which means admin panel. It is very significant and you must have to know of it. Linksys router uses IP Address and there are others also who uses this IP Address.

Instructions to login in IP Address

If you are new and don’t know how to login in IP Address then follow the instructions which will definitely help you and next time you can easily do it.

As we all know that Linksys router contains special web-based setup pages and when we need to modify setting and configure advanced settings then we use it.

Follow the steps

1. Open your browser. You can open any web-browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. There is no danger on which browser you use but you should be careful while you download web-browser from the other websites because all third-party websites are not reliable.

2. After completing the first process you need to put the IP Address of your router. For that, you need to find out address line and simply to the Linksys router’s default address is which we have mentioned above. Now enter the IP Address and press the enter tab.

There is also an option to change the default IP Address if you don’t like the previous IP Address. To change the IP Address you can do it by admin panel or by opening special setup CD.

3. Here you will see the login page on your screen. Put your username and password.
Username: admin
Password: admin

So now you are logged in.

If you forgot the IP Address which you have changed then what should you do?

In a situation, if you have forgotten the IP Address which you have changed then it’s not a big thing and you don’t need to take any tension. Sometimes it happens in a busy schedule which is normal.

All you have to do is you need to reset your router by pressing the reset button which is at the back of your router. Just press it for 30 seconds and your router will be reset.

Now you will be in factory defaults after the process of router resetting. Here you will get your old IP Address back and same login credentials which username and password will be “admin”.